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Rachael P

I’ve had Diabetes for 20 years and was diagnosed when I was 6. In my spare time I play a full-contact sport called roller derby. My team is ranked 12th in Europe out of almost 400 teams.I’ve played for the last 4 years and have somewhat managed to control my Diabetes whilst taking part in regular training and games, although my blood sugars do sometimes impact my performance. I also regularly go to the gym and have controlled my blood glucose through lots of finger prick testing and insulin changes on a trial and error basis.

I first used the FreeStlye Libre in November 2015 after being on the waiting list for eight months. I immediately tried it out once it arrived. I love the ease at which I can check my sugar without having to mess about with finger prick testing † . I can check as many times in a day as I want, where usually I’d be conscious about how many test strips I was using. I also rapidly realised how invaluable the trend arrows are in terms of treating low and high blood sugar levels. Previously if I did a finger prick test and it was 4.0 mmol, I would automatically give myself some sugar to raise my blood glucose level. I can now check whether it is going up or down, and treat according to this. So If I’d had an upwards arrow on my 4.0mmol test, I would know that I didn’t have to treat it. The most reassuring thing for me is being able to track glucose levels during sleep. I can now check that my temporary basal levels are actually correct and that I’m not having low blood sugars during the night without realising. The Freestyle Libre has made the most difference to me whilst exercising. When I’m playing roller derby (which is full contact), I wear it under my numbered arm band. It gives me valuable information on what my sugar is doing, allowing me to have much tighter control. I can also spot (and intercept) low sugar levels before they become a problem, meaning I don’t have to stop midway through training to correct.

† A finger prick test using a blood glucose meter is required during times of rapidly changing glucose levels when interstitial fluid glucose levels may not accurately reflect blood glucose levels or if hypoglycaemia or impending hypoglycaemia is reported by the system or when symptoms do not match the system readings. 


Greg W

I’m, G, the partner of a FreeStyle Libre user K and I have to say the system has changed my life (as well as her’s). Before, with the test strips, it was hard for me to see the ebb and flow of the blood-glucose readings and understand what was going on. K would test herself, talk to me and we’d perhaps adjust our food plan.

Although K has always had a good grip on her diabetes (type 1), the graph that we get on the reader means, for me, that I can see what’s going on, what’s happened while K was at work or I was out, etc. It’s not just that I feel more involved, it’s that I really understand more, especially when the diabetes changes, as it does in her case quite a lot. I have always wanted to be supportive, but now, with the FreeStyle Libre, I feel I really am being genuinely helpful, because I am more informed. This is doubly important now as we are expecting our first child in late June :-). And one rather clever thing: I can even test K while she is asleep if, for example, I get up in the night. This is useful as she is prone to unexplained night-time sugar-lows and does not always wake up. The FS Libre reader sits on the dresser and I can wand it over her arm while she sleeps and either reassure myself that things are OK, or, if not, I can get a juice ready for when I wake her. Brilliant! I think the FreeStyle Libre is probably improving the quality of many couple’s relationships – it has certainly improved the quality of ours. Thank you.


Lauren B

The FreeStyle Libre has been a life changer for me. It's enabled me to get my  glucose under control to enable me the chance to be able to try and start a family. The ease of being able to keep track of my  glucose is incredible. The change that this has had on my life is truely indescribable - Thank you!